Through our dedicated Big Daddy Guns store manager in Columbia, SC, we found out that several stores in that area took preemptive measures to prevent legally-armed Americans from being able to carry their firearms into retail areas. Some locations have gone to the extreme of having firearm-alerting dogs on the premises.

Our store manager shared his story in this video. He speaks to his experience in Florida as a permitted concealed carry holder compared to South Carolina. 

To summarize, he has seen more restrictions there than anywhere in Florida. Wanting to make a difference and educate the public, he proposed the Big Daddy Guns 2A Defenders Initiative.

In this initiative, we create a free resource for our fellow freedom-loving Americans to only shop at places with those same values. 

While we recognize that every private property holder has an individual right to set policies that meet their preferences, we have the right to conduct our business with those who support our rights. We are calling for like-minded individuals to support the businesses that welcome and encourage concealed carry and every constitutionally-granted right. 

Right now, our program only extends to counties where a Big Daddy Guns is present; we aim to expand the program in the future. If you would like to join, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will provide you with the resources you need to help defend our Second Amendment rights. Thank you in advance for taking a stand and preserving freedom.